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Ssi indicator forex

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ssi indicator forex

SSI or market sentiment is the buyer-to-seller ratio that has developed in the market at the moment. It can be represented as a percentage of. Today I have prepared for you an indicator that displays the SSI (Speculative Sentiment Index) directly on the chart of the MT4 terminal. Sentiment in the forex market: indicators and strategies to profit from crowd r The SSI works as a contrarian indicator during trending markets. ETHEREUM UPDATE TIMELINE

However when compared to the price graph, we can see that the pair has fallen over pips for the same time period! The current reading of SSI stands at 5. Whether you trade trends, breakouts or momentum there is a system available for all market conditions. Using the Mirror Traders software, Traders can select from a variety of automated strategies.

These strategies can be applied at any time, while allowing traders the ability to customize position size and currency pair selection. Sign up for our free CCI trading course! Learn forex trading with a free practice account and trading charts from FXCM. Example B, The broker will then filter the information and offer it in graph format where each pair tells traders whether there are more buyers than sellers or vice versa. The information is provided as a ratio between the two groups. Example C, If we know that there are more buyers or sellers on a particular currency pair that we are interested in trading, it can help to influence us either to take the trade or maybe even to wait on the sidelines.

For example, you might expect to see the positioning, including the ratio of long to short. Example E, The open interest Example F, And the change between long and short positions The more information, the better your decision-making processes will be. Example I, Here we can see the numbers of traders who are long or short on a pair, and in this example, we can see that this broker offers the change in open interest, which is currently — 2.

So for every one trader that is holding a long trade in this pair, there are 2. Any position that shows a minus in front of the number represents the number of short positions, while readings that are above zero represent the number of traders who are net long in the pair. Although the SSI is a leading indicator, it is considered to be contrarian, that is to say, that the information that is supplied by the broker should be used to trade against the retail traders with currently open positions.

Example I, The rationale behind the contrarian aspect of this indicator using the 2. And the opposite would apply if there were more buyers than sellers. To maximize the reversal potential of this indicator, it is advised to use it when there is a high ratio of change between the buyers and sellers.

It is important that if you decide to use this information to trade that it is as up-to-date as possible.

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06/16/2016 - Sentiment Strategy with Free SSI Indicator - Tyler Yell

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