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Forex frauds in malaysia kuala

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forex frauds in malaysia kuala

Victims of an alleged Forex scam want justice and their money to be returned to them. They held a press conference with MCA Public Services and Complaints. KUALA LUMPUR: Police seized luxury watches, plush cars, gold bars and other items worth over RM million after crippling a scam forex. KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 4 — Police arrested 39 individuals for their alleged involvement in forex investment fraud cases, in a raid in Puchong. DAIRY BUSINESS INDIA PROFITABLE INVESTING

He said the authorities have frozen 38 bank accounts belonging to 17 individuals, believed to have ties to the syndicate. The accounts contained RM, In total, the assets seized are estimated to be worth RM Mr Amar said the syndicate, which had been active from to , lured potential victims by promoting their investment scheme online, offering monthly returns of 12 per cent.

The trio arrested over the weekend were all Datuks. Police said the year-old mastermind of the syndicate who was among those arrested and had claims to be a Datuk Seri holds a masters degree in business administration. Federal CCID director Commissioner Datuk Kamarudin Mat Din said the syndicate had promoted the purported money-maker in the social media promising investors high returns for their investments. He said investors who signed up with investments as low as RM in US currency were given an online account to manage their funds.

The syndicate members would come up with all kinds of excuses before they abruptly shut down the website and disappeared with the funds. Kamarudin said police received 23 police reports related to the scam that had caused losses close to RM3 million.

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Your other certifications may be counted as part of the qualifying points system, but they will not automatically make you a CFE. According to the police reports, a total of people have filed complaints, with local authorities estimating that up to 70,!!!

Considering that only people have complained to the police, the magnitude of the fraudulent scheme is unknown. Guaranteed Returns In a typical Ponzi fashion, the perpetrators of the scheme have offered to their victims guaranteed returns. According to the police, investors were promised to receive 12 percent monthly. Local authorities are after a married couple that is suspected to have had a role in the Execution Execution Execution is the process during which a client submits an order to the brokerage, which consequently executes it resulting in an open position in a given asset.

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