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alexey prokopenko forex club

author:Alexey-Karakulov, author:Alexey-Khudaykov, author:Alexey-Khudyakov author:AndrewRademacher, author:Andrey-Mokhov, author:Andrey-Prokopenko. Morteza Charkhabi, Alexey Kotov, Anastasia Liashenko, Marie Arsalidou Our team of specialists represents many scientific disciplines. Co-chairman of the Russian Lawyers' Association. Alexey Yurevich MILCHAKOV (a.k.a. Fritz, Serbian) Sergey Borisovich PROKOPENKO. BETO BET UK BETTING

Literature review must not be limited only by works, which were published in the country where the author lives and works the problem should be studied globally. Particularly it concerns the authors from non-English speaking countries they are recommended to thoroughly analyze the works published in English. If appropriate, normative legal acts are also analyzed.

The author cannot just make long lists of authors and their works, which are related to the investigated issues. The author cannot take the pieces of review text from other works with reference to other authors and include their works in the list of references. When citing, the author is obliged to observe ethical and moral principles.

While making literature review, the author can use own publications and refer to them, but only in order to describe the problem, but not to increase the citation level. It is recommended to finish the literature review with the presentation of unsolved issues, identification of contradictions in the results and findings of the previous researches, justification of the need to continue the studies in this area and choice of the specific topic direction of this study.

In the literature review and throughout the text of the paper as a whole, references to the sources are made in compliance with Reference list and citation style guide or refer to APA formatting and style guide American Psychological Association. Aims The aim describes main results in a short and concrete manner in one sentence , the achievement of which is the purpose of the research.

Here can also be mentioned several intermediate problems, the solution of which will ensure that the aim is achieved. The aim should not replicate the title of the manuscript. If methods and procedures offered are used in other works, the author should refer to the original sources. In this subsection of the theoretical paper the theoretical basis of the research should be described, theories, perspectives, formulae, equations should be presented.

If commonly known statistic procedures are used in the paper, the author should not describe their essence, it is sufficient just to point them. Results Here empirical or theoretical data obtained in the process of the research are given.

It is recommended to use figures, tables, graphs, schemes. The interpretation of the obtained results is not made in this section. Also there should not be presented the results, which were earlier obtained by the authors or other scientists. Discussion Here the interpretation of the results obtained during the research is made.

A comparison is made with the results obtained by other researchers. Conclusion In this section the main ideas of the manuscript are presented, the obtained results and their novelty are demonstrated. The possibility of practical use of the obtained results should be outlined and the directions for further scientific research should be offered. Author Contributions: When submitting an article, the corresponding author should define the role of each author.

Authors make themselves mutually responsible for the role allocation and must confirm the assigned roles and Acknowledgements in the Cover Letter. Author individual contributions will be indicated in the article in the Author Contributions section. Data curation: Alla Shevchenko. Project administration: Igor Paska, Larysa Satyr. Supervision: Igor Paska, Larysa Satyr. Visualization: Ruslana Zadorozhna, Leonid Stadnik.

Writing — original draft: Ruslana Zadorozhna. Acknowledgement s : The Acknowledgement section should specify the individuals or institutions, who have also contributed to the article but are not its authors the relevant scientific programs, grants, scholarships, contracts are indicated, the persons or organizations, which helped an author in conducting the research, namely, access to information, organization of the survey, interview, etc.

All acknowledged individuals should agree to be acknowledged. Besides, an Editor may ask the corresponding author to provide the written consent from all acknowledged individuals for being mentioned in the Acknowledgement. References The list of references must be made in the alphabetical order. While indicating the source, which was analyzed in the source language not in English , it should be indicated first in the source language, then the transliteration should be made in brackets.

It is recommended that it should be done with the transliteration for English-speaking systems it is better to use transliteration of the system British Standards Institution. Examples of Ukrainian sources if not published in English transliterated.

Supplementary Materials The supplementary materials are the big size figures, tables, graphs, schemes, photographs, etc. Paper Submission Guidelines The number of words in the paper may vary from to for short communication paper — from to Considering the issue concerning the calculation of the number of words in the paper, the information about the authors, title, abstract and keywords, list of references and appendices should not be included. The number of sources, in the list of references, should be determined by an author directly but be on average within In the review articles, this number can be significantly higher.

Supplementary materials should not exceed 5 pages. Note, that the paper should be submitted in the format Microsoft Word or compatible. Tables, schemes, figures, photographs of other authors should not be used in the text of the paper without their written permission. The presentation of the text in the paper must comply with the Manuscript Submission Guidelines.

Publishing process Submission process To make a submission, please send a manuscript in MS Word format. Make sure that all supplementary materials tables, figures, equations, and images are editable. In case the Managing Editor asks to send editable elements, please do it as soon as possible to start the reviewing process.

To prepare your manuscript for submission, please read Submission Guidelines. The ECO magazine No. SBS Consulting experts believe that by the end of the year, Chinese brands may exceed the share that was recorded by European brands in the heavy truck segment in recent years, including due to a part of the share of Russian manufacturers.

SBS Consulting experts believe that the slowdown in the purchase of new Sales of Russian road construction equipment DST slowed down. SBS Consulting experts believe that the slowdown in the purchase of new equipment is caused by general uncertainty, high cost of loans and the expectation of its decline.

An example is housing construction, which is now showing signs of slowing down. The experts discussed the growth points of SMEs in the new conditions. SBS Consulting experts assessed the growth reasons for the increase in the supply of tires for agricultural and special equipment to the Russian market from China. MTZ is the leader of the Russian market of 80— hp tractors. MTZ imported to the Russian Federation both tractors and machine kits.

In general, in the segment of small tractors, MTZ can count on an increase in the supply of less powerful equipment, up to 40 hp. At the same time, MTZ's plans for expansion are unlikely to affect the interests of Russian manufacturers, since Russian tractors are mainly hp.

SBS Consulting experts assessed the possible situation with a ban on the import and sale of trailers from "unfriendly countries" in the Russian Federation and increase the scrap collection on it six times. According to the project manager of SBS Consulting Dmitry Babansky, in Tatarstan, during the implementation of the state program "Development of charging infrastructure for electric motor transport in the Republic of Tatarstan", the number of electric vehicles will be able to grow to units.

The research of the SBS Consulting team "Prospects for the development of the financial services sector of the Russian Federation" has been published. With the introduction of a SBS Consulting project manager Dmitry Babansky assessed which categories of special equipment are subject to sanctions. With the introduction of a ban on the export of special equipment from Japan, at least bulldozers of all kinds, excavators and dump trucks fell under the sanctions. The study in Russian can be found in The SBS Consulting team prepared analytics based on the results of the study of the green agenda in China.

The study in Russian can be found in the "Research and Analytics" section. Dmitry Babansky, SBS Consulting project manager, discussed with Kommersant the situation on changing charging standards for electric vehicles. However, all Chinese cars in the Russian Federation have European connectors, market participants say. They believe that due to the closure of exports from the EU, the ministry hopes for the localization of Chinese cars and Asian imports.

The SBS Consulting team posted an analytical note describing the logic of the steps and developed recommendations for regional administrations. The SBS Consulting team prepared a presentation on the principles of the new economic policy. SBS Consulting project manager Dmitry Babansky estimated plans to increase the market volume of lithium-ion batteries to 93 billion rubles.

The study reveals the features of corporate strategies of international companies, The SBS Consulting team prepared a study on corporate strategies. The study reveals the features of corporate strategies of international companies, as well as the specifics of information disclosure about them. The managing partner of SBS Consulting spoke about 25 best Manageability is an important indicator of a business, allowing it to maneuver and adapt.

The managing partner of SBS Consulting spoke about 25 best practices for improving manageability. SBS Consulting experts explained their expectations of a further reduction in the market for road construction DST and special equipment. First of all, the reduction is due to the lack of substitution capacity in some segments for example, large hydraulic excavators for mining. The SBS Consulting team prepared a case study on the project "Development of recommendations for improving the current management system and increasing the operational efficiency of processes" for a major player in the office finishing market.

Vladimir Samokhvalov, managing partner of SBS Consulting, was asked to comment on the situation with the recovery in diesel prices amid increased demand due to the sowing campaign this prompted the Ministry of Energy to demand that oil companies increase sales on the SPIMEX exchange.

According to Vladimir Samokhvalov, managing partner of SBS Consulting, a decrease in refining volumes at refineries in the European part of the Russian Federation and a serious damage to an oil depot in Belgorod led to a one-time increase in demand on the stock exchange, which, against the background of a seasonal increase in demand for diesel fuel, provoked a sharp rise in prices. The expert believes that it is really worth zeroing import duties on a line that is not produced in Russia.

SBS Consulting experts evaluated the development of a temporary reduction in the requirements of the technical regulations on emissions to maintain the load of production. The SBS Consulting team prepared a case for the project "Expert and analytical assessment of the potential for the development of production of equipment for technical and medical gases and their provision to the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. SBS Consulting experts discuss the prospects for the Russian automotive industry in a situation of international isolation.

SBS Consulting experts assessed the prospects of the Russian auto giant to withstand the suspension of deliveries of products to the Russian Federation by some foreign manufacturers against the backdrop of EU sanctions. The SBS Consulting team took a direct The final document can be viewed at the link. SBS Consulting project manager Dmitry Babansky believes that there may be a shortage of raw materials for the production of gasoline cars in the European market.

One of the reasons is the limitation of Russian supplies to the world market of platinum group metals. This, first of all, concerns the hi-tech industry.

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