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Moats value investing blog

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moats value investing blog

Based on Morningstar's equity research, the U.S. market appears 5% overvalued with core and growth stocks trading at the highest premium to fair value. Large-. The wannabe Buffetts look for “moats” or sustainable competitive advantages and once found, plan to buy-and-hold these stocks forever. This is. Many of the questions he runs through before buying an investment are related to leverage, valuation, management, moats, and personal biases. BETTING APPS IPHONE

All of this while he has also been purportedly sharing his investment secrets, at least, once a year in his annual letters to shareholders! Some consider his partner, alter-ego and Vice Chairman of their investment vehicle Berkshire Hathaway, Charlie Munger as an even smarter investor. Probably, reinforced by Buffett himself. A search on www. The folklore and strategies of Buffett are well-known.

This is the holy grail of investing, or so they have been told. Just a thought, Buffett never said that. Similarly, the ones who have discovered Charlie Munger go one step further and decide to buy only 3 or, at most, 7 stocks in a highly concentrated portfolio. Graham talks about Net-nets, i. But are these strategies of Graham, Buffett and Munger appropriate for the new era of transformative technologies? In this era of technology disruption and transformation, the assets are not on the balance sheets.

These are intangible assets that are not carried on the balance sheet but are expensed out in the income statements. Since assets are not in the books, the price-to-book metric of Graham is not going to work. Then how does one apply the value investing strategies? I often advise readers or investors that studying Buffett is the first step in stock investment. We view that as fuzzy thinking. In our opinion, the two approaches are joined at the hip: Growth is always a component in the calculation of value, constituting a variable whose importance can range from negligible to enormous and whose impact can be negative as well as positive.

In addition, we think the very term value investing is redundant. What is investing if it is not the act of seeking value at least sufficient to justify the amount paid? Later, the value-based investment approach advocated by Graham got worse and worse. In his time, there were about stocks on the New York Stock Exchange now there are about 4, listed companies in the U. In the crash, about one-third of stocks with a stock price lower than the net worth of the company could be found, and there were even 50 stocks, the stock price is lower than the cash on the books held by the company.

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Moat: What is it in Investing Terms?

Bitcoin mining software development On a cool and breezy weekend morning when most people prefer to sit in the balcony and sip on a hot beverage, Moats value investing blog was standing just outside my front door with milk packet in hand and toothbrush in my mouth, wondering why do they build these auto-lock doors. But, process advantage is usually available to companies for a limited time, and competitors often catch up after some time. Stated differently, it is very difficult to find companies that possess the attributes Morningstar requires to assign a wide moat rating and therefore very few receive that designation. True moats give you more confidence in projecting future performance. Are there competitive moats? But there are companies with toll moats beyond Government-controlled companies too.
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Moats value investing blog Intellectual property [Align technology, or biotech companies like Alergan]. This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Think of things like Lipitor by Pfizer, and the Walt Disney characters. Everyone has people running after them trying to catch up, but are they running faster than the guy who is trying to catch up. These companies have cut link the middlemen, which has resulted in a cost advantage for the customers. It's amazing how the analog-to-digital revolution just continues to find new businesses to decimate.
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moats value investing blog

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