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Astral vs ethereal

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astral vs ethereal

The Astral Plane (although technically an Outer Planes) is a conduit to all other planes, while the Ethereal Plane and the Shadow Plane both serve as means of. rollnet › compendium. Above the etheric plane the astral body exists on the astral plane. The astral plane is, on a lower plane, a sensation. On a higher floor it creates. BERNDALE FOREX

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It is subtler and is the "Person'' within even when we have bodies. It is inherent in our person which includes the physical body - since our conditioning to the physical body in consciousness is what imparts "Form'' to the Etheric body.

You cannot limit the Etheric body to only energy link ups since the physical body is insentient - it is the etheric that animates the physical body. The mind is the "Brain'' of the etheric body and the Various centres of powers or Chakras are the organs there are many nadis flowing out from the chakras which normally people are familiar with - the main Nadis or major centres of Power are like Roundabouts where all roads meet.

Corresponding to our various internal organs there are other centres of power which control the liver , lungs etc etc and they are subsidiaey and connected to the main chakras by Nadis which are channels through which Prana flows , or Chi or the life force whatever you may call it.

NOw the subtle body consists of Light, Energy and movement - The major thing that provides the so called "inner world'' is the impressions or vasanas that we have in memory - so In a way it is this world that we see and understand when in the astral plane , Each memory or impression within us is residing as a "Feeling'' consisting of the the impressions of the 5 senses of knowledge Smell, Taste, Sight, Touch and sound.

What esentially happens is in the astral once we "Enter'' a feeling - the whole world residing in memory unfolds ie. The Intellect is the "Astral Sky '' in which we see objects of knowledge or the Astral world and the Sight sound colour etc ie,images are due to the mind and Illumination of the whole inner world is our own Light , that which we are in a reflected manner of speaking.

This is synonymous with the dream state wherein everything has name and form as in the waking state due to our conditioning with the body consciousness in wakining or Empirical Ego. We carry residual of the impressions of the body consciousness into the astral or dream state which is why we "Think'' we see in Dream - but actually we do not see per se in Dream - It is consciousness which sees everything within which is held our rememberance of the conditioning of the waking state - it fades and comes back st times which is when we get a feeling of infinity etc - in Dream is ia as if we "enter'' from the astral sky within which we behold the inner world into a body which we intuit as "ourselves'' and then enjoy dream - which is why we see objects within us or the dream world within us and then sort of manifest within that and then enjoy dream.

These are all coordinated by the mind. Hope I have been helpful - another thing is the body of ours in the astral body is the sum total of out feelings both good and bad. Since if you observe closely in waking that Touch is translated into feeling within us so it is sort of the ''skin'' or body of the astral portion of ours. Each succeeding Body is subtler than the preceding body and they correspond in order to the Waking ,Dream and State of Deep sleep.

In the first we see ourselves as a small object within the world and the world as much bigger than us , In the second we see the world within us and in the third there is neither world or universe and we are infinite and formless. It is my experience that if one sticks to the word Astral as in the English language it does not afford a proper scope for the proper understanding and conception of the subtle worlds - the word is quite limiting in scope and so does not hold that many other concepts within it - unless you rework the popular notions of the word astral so as to give it the required subtlety to include the Dream State in toto , Mind, Prana and Karma Vasanas within it.

As for the word Ether it is slightly more subtle than Astral - but gain its understanding has to be reworked in such a manner that it approximates Space in which case the extent of Ether is got but again the body is not explained in terms of its Constituents - just as the word Human would embrace - Man and woman of the species in the physical , and their various limbs and movements, and the fact of their being animated ,Bipedness , reasoning etc - but would not include the Subtle body unless its ambit is reworked to include the Subtle body - in which case the physical attributes will "Fall off from the human being concept " as the other is subtler the inccidence on our knowledge and consciousness would be the subtle knowledge and the physical attributes would arise only by inference , ie we would have to make an effort to ascertain the Human being idea from the Subtle Body.

In the reverse case if we define or erroneously understand in our knowledge or consciuosness the usage Human being to INCLUDE the ideas of Subtle body and Causal body we will have problem in understanding progressivly more subtle concepts since every time we think of the subtle body we will limit it to the human bodies mental image we have in our mind and knowledge - same for mind and intellect etc.

Nothing is possible if the mental image of the body crops up when reading or thinking of the subtler aspects of being. Common usage and way of thinking is not possible in Metaphysics , as it is concerned with the Truth only and - every word has a word Idea which has to be understood as it was , not as we want - since each word is there because of the existence of that Phenomena or truth - otherwise words would be false and meaningless.

There is a "correction'' to our existing knowledge that is required - in Metaphysics ,Otherwise we will have cross consciousness and mix the gross with the subtle and behave like wise bringing misery to ourself and our actions. Permalink Reply by Hari Menon on January 21, at am Dear Jessica , In a manner of speaking out of body experiences may be termed as taking place in the Astral world.

Jessica in embodied people who have disembodied experiences , there is no separation from the causal body - there is a temporary dislocation of consciousness into the dream world , this happens in cases of extreme trauma, sometimes in cases of anasthetics wearing off after a surgery, or sometimes when a surgery is going on the subtle body detaches itself and you may see yourself being operated upon but not feel anything, these are automatic sue to the pressures on the body.

In meditation it is intentional and it can happen and sometimes before you sleep you will feel a "jerk'' as if you will fall off - this has to be understood as the mind attaining freedom from the physical body and expanding into the subtle or astral world - it is possible to exploit this ''jerk'' to do astral travel of course - you will be in consciousness and ''thinking'' and "feeling'' of travelling actually you do not travel per se the scenery moves as if the a large screen is being moved - it is this which makes you think you are travelling but you are not.

Jessica Astral is the separation temporarily in case of embodied people from the Physical body not the causal body - the causal body as I wrote previously is higher than the Astral and permeates both the astral and the physical so in a way you are still inside of yourself. Sometimes a person who has blacked out may be conscious and aware of the physical body bu cannot move even an eyelid , the person is "awake'' inside with full knowledge but cannot jump out yet is disembodied yet is tethered to the body - and will hear and see the relatives around him and them speaking and understand what they are saying , but cannot communicate back to them that they are fine and nothing is there to worry - this type of separation takes place in the intellect and is closer to death - the relatives will see only a dead body , the unconscious person will however see everyone and hear and understand everything plus know the malfunctioning body but will be unable to open even the eyelid.

This is a highly recuperative and rejuvenating state and the memory remains forever. Wise men who are realized do not do astral trave they have no minds , the mind is required for this -but they can by thought provided they have the intellect do the same - think of a place and you will be there and see sights in consciousness.

A kind of being here and being there at the same time. This is also available in higher meditations as an experience to firm up by knowledge - it is not a permanent state and relates to finitude. We can only separate from the causal body through knowledge alone. The causal body is the cause for the dream body and the dream body is the cause for the physical body. You see words sometimes take away the charm in knowledge!!. You have to make good of the remembrance of the out of body experience you have had and transmute it to wisdom or knowledge - never crave for the experience and as your knowledge increases it becomes more and more frequent.

Your mind is your greatest friend it can show you many wonderful things , to hate the mind is to hate yourself and to admitting that you hate a part of yourself - it has to be treated cleverly and enticed away like a child sometimes with love , sometimes with knowledge sometimes by going with it whenever not harm full and sometimes by berating it!!!. I hope you will one day laugh that you ever thought of yourself as the body and all the while was the self!!

Reply Permalink Reply by Hari Menon on January 22, at am The empirical Ego is by birth endowed by the Three fold nature of Sattwa, Rajas and Tamas - the real Self which we all are is pure and devoid of Nature and is actually a witness which pervades everything else as it is the non dual state I am giving you an analysis from the Non Dual state which may not be applicable to the modes or methods of reasoning employed for systems of thought relevant to Duality or Vishista Advaita since they include dissertations on Advaita based on examples from the Epics and may not be very familiar with your approach.

In any case both Dvaita and Vishistadvaita lead to Advaita proper in later stages so actually no harm is there in following Duality or other methods like even Classical Yoga proper or Samkhy or Raja yoga only thing is that all merge in Knowledge in the higher stages. Therir practice and methods of reasoning are valuable in understanding Advaita since a keen and one pointed intellect is the result , which is required to assimilate Advaita. Now inherently the empirical ego has the three natures within itself from birth since we are born into nature.

So the Empirical existence that we call "I'' is on its own Ashudda Satwa which implies that the Empirical Ego is actually Shudda Satwa before birth but acquires the other tendencies during and after birth over the years. So what exactly the aim is - is to reduce and eliminate Tamas and Rajas completely whereby only Sattwa is left. Now the thing of it is that both Rajas Action Tamas Ignorance are not native to the Ego and hence can be "removed'' by appropriate reasoning and practices - but Satwa is the nature of the Self which is really ourself but we cannot be both subject and object at the same time , since the person wanting to know is different from the thing to be known - we have to understand this thing very clearly and have the firm Idea that we are ALREADY the sell and what is wanted to be known if an evidence - then it can only be known by an agent which is the Empirical Ego and not the real self.

So essentially the empirical ego is a phenomena which takes place in consciousness automatically any Name or Form is manifested - in other words it is a reflection of the self in the Intellect or Ignorance as the Intellect is also known as. While in the Ethereal, you can perceive the Material Plane if you're close enough to it, a region known as the Border Ethereal.

Think of the various planes of matter and energy as a sphere, with the Prime Material as the globes surface and the different Elemental Planes bobbing about inside it. The Astral Plane, on the other hand, is a timeless void. Everything in existence except, due to the weirdness of cosmology, the Inner Planes is accessible from the Astral Plane. Unlike the Ethereal Plane, travel in the Astral Plane is tied directly to thought, and it is believed that intelligent creatures travel to portions of the Astral Plane as they sleep.

Near the outer areas of the Astral Plane, itself an eyeboggling concept due to its infinite size, are the realms of the abstract where the gods live and souls travel upon death, the Outer Planes.

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