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College football forums betting line

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college football forums betting line

Take part in our NCAAF/College Football Betting Forum that includes up-to-date information on upcoming games and discuss NCAAF Odds, Picks, Futures, Matchups. Bet at play1.sportsplay1xbet.website Sticky. College Pick'em League Cash Prize B.A.R.. Week 9 Underdogs Contest -- Lines · B.A.R. · Today at AM. play1.sportsplay1xbet.website › forum › college-football-betting. FATWA FOREX DUNIA LAIN

You can also learn how to bet on college football , find strategies, odds, point spreads, CFB news and betting trends, plus anything else you need to handicap your bets. Odds Shark's college football lines, NCAA football odds and point spreads are typically posted Sundays after the onslaught of Saturday games.

Study team matchups before deciding whether Michigan at They may need to annihilate their opponent, Ohio State, to improve their championship game odds. On the flip side, your gut may be telling you to make college football picks involving totals. Learn how to make smart college football picks and watch line movements during the week to see which teams the public is backing.

Oftentimes, you can find great value in betting against the public. This can be especially true during college football bowl season, where handicappers find edges and look to exploit them to turn a profit. You never know if a last-minute field goal is going to net you a major payout. This is the most common way to bet on football. Instead of betting on one of the two teams in a game to win straight-up, the favorite the team considered most likely to win is given a handicap of a certain number of points.

This is known as the spread, and you bet on one of the two teams to cover the spread rather than win outright. The Trojans, with Pete Carroll as head coach and Matt Leinart at quarterback, were favored by seven points; for USC to cover the spread, they would need to beat Texas by more than seven.

As the underdogs, the Longhorns could lose by up to six points and still cover the spread. A 7-point Trojans victory would result in a push, with all monies returned to the bettors. These odds, also known as the juice, refer to what bettors pay when they place their wagers. Once the dust had cleared on this exciting game, it was the Longhorns winning on a fourth-down, last-minute touchdown run by QB Vince Young from eight yards out.

But Texas already had this game covered from a betting standpoint. Even if the Trojans had stopped Young from scoring, barring a miraculous TD return of their own, USC would have won — not quite enough to cover the 7-point spread. College Football Moneyline Betting The moneyline is the original way to bet on football, and it remains in use to this day. This is where you bet on one team or the other to win straight-up; in the very rare event of a tie, your wager is graded as a push.

You can expect a lot of action on the total when two high-scoring teams are involved, like at the Rose Bowl: Texas O 70 — USC U 70 — Here, the total of 70 points is shown both on top and on bottom, with — odds on either side. The betting line on top represents the Over, while the line on the bottom represents the Under.

This is important to remember, because there will be times where the odds are larger or smaller on one side; the sportsbook will adjust the lines as required in an attempt to balance the action on the Over and Under. The odds you get when you place your wager are the odds that will be used to determine whether you won or not. College Football Parlay Betting With a parlay, you take a series of single bets between two and 12 , and you combine them into one wager.

If all your picks come true, you get paid exponentially more than you would have betting them all individually. But if any one pick goes sour, you lose the parlay. Any pushes are discarded as the parlay gets reduced; for example, a 3-team parlay with a push in the results is turned into a 2-team parlay, and graded as such.

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Odds compilers at the top sportsbooks will calculate the probability of each team winning — factoring in head-to-head records, home advantage, injury concerns, and so on — and then assign odds accordingly. There is normally a favorite and an underdog, unless the teams are very evenly matched. Let's say Virginia is playing Georgia Tech. It tells you that the sportsbooks think Virginia has a much better chance of winning the game.

The top sportsbooks give the stronger team a handicap in order to even things up. Sticking with the above example, you would expect to see Virginia as the 6. You could then bet on either Virginia If you bet on Virginia to cover the college football point spreads, they would need to win by 7 or more points. If you bet on Georgia Tech to cover the NCAA football spreads, it could either win the game or lose by 6 or fewer points and your bet would pay off.

Some other betting sites will offer alternative NCAA lines in order to skew the odds. If the Las Vegas college football odds and sportsbooks agree a consensus of a 6. You would then expect a larger profit by backing Virginia On the flipside, you might see a 4. College Football Totals Betting This is a prediction on the cumulative points scored by both teams in a game. The sportsbooks will set a totals line when compiling NCAAF odds, and you simply have to guess whether the cumulative points will go over or stay under that line.

It might be You then decide if it is going to be a high-scoring contest or a tight, low-scoring battle, and then make your play. College Football Prop Bets Proposition bets home in on a particular event within a game. It might be the total yards a running back will carry the ball for, the number of interceptions the QB will throw, or whether there will be a safety. Speaking of streaks: last weekend, the Tide dropped its first to Tennessee since , has the most penalties in college football 66 , and a secondary that has issues against elite quarterbacks, but packs a punch of its own offensively as long as Bryce Young is healthy.

The last undefeated team in the Big 12, TCU needed two overtimes to knock off the Cowboys, but now owns three straight wins against ranked conference teams and is playing behind college football's No. Other Week 8 college football lines Iowa at No.

Back from the idle week, the Buckeyes' second-ranked offense squares off with a stout Iowa D that is the only unit in college football yet to allow a play of 40 yards. What do the books know about this game? The Rebs can run better than most, but LSU has shown it can move the ball with some balance, coming off a big win at Florida. Ole Miss is for the first time since that team lost its eighth game, at LSU. Minnesota at No.

Two teams in need of pick-me-up, the Gophers after dropping their second straight and dropping in the Big Ten West race, and the Nittany Lions after getting run over at Michigan. UM can run pretty well, too, with Mo Ibrahim heading the nation's 16th ranked backfield.

The Irish are already at a crossroads after dropping a home game to awful Stanford, and now host a Mountain West side that allowed 82 combined points in its last two, both ugly losses. Purdue at Wisconsin

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college football forums betting line


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