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41 14 patriots chiefs betting

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41 14 patriots chiefs betting

Back in week 4 of , the Chiefs demolished the Patriots with victory and most claimed that the New England dynasty was over. ODDS · SPREAD. The Buccaneers needed to win by more than 2 points to cover the spread. They did not cover, so people who took the Chiefs won. NFL betting trends​​ The Patriots are ATS in their last four games against the Chiefs. The total has gone under in 11 of the Chiefs' last 14 games at home. GAB CRYPTO

Andy Reid split him out wide, used him in a bubble screen and he picked up the short yardage. A really well-designed play and perfect usage of Charles in terms of mismatches. Knile Davis is fun to watch as well -- he rushed 16 times for yards against the Patriots. It's entirely possible the Chiefs offense will be better this year.

Don't bank on slowing down their rushing attack very easily. Another revelation in this game? Second-year Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. The 6'6" behemoth from Cincinnati looks like a steal out of last year's draft and continued his breakout with a strong effort against the Pats. Targeted nine times, Kelce caught eight passes for 93 yards and a touchdown.

He's a yards-after-catch hog, piling up big numbers after receiving the ball. A big target, he's explosive in space once he gets a hold of the ball and the combination makes him a perfect modern day tight end. Alex Smith has a fun little group of toys to play with this year. Neither happened but we did get to see Poe block the living heck out of Vince Wilfork, which might've been the best moment from the whole game. Andy Reid's School of Clock Management It didn't matter because the game was a blowout, but Andy Reid had some pretty terrible clock management at the end of the first half.

With a 1st and 10 on the Pats 14 with and 2 timeouts the Chiefs ran a play and burned the clock down to 31 seconds. It didn't make any sense because it limited the Chiefs to just one -- maybe two -- plays in the red zone. They attempted a pass to Dwayne Bowe that came up short of the end zone as the clock ran out in the half.

But a Logan Ryan defensive penalty gave the Chiefs one free play and they kicked a field goal to go up Still should've only been 14 points for them in the first half. Bad Day for Pats Secondary Logan Ryan's the primary scapegoat here, as he repeatedly got torched by the Chiefs passing offense and made a slew of errors in coverage and tackling. He also had the penalty against Bowe to extend the second half and got chewed out by Belichick for it.

Darrelle Revis wasn't sitting on an island either, though. The Chiefs piled up yardage but the one play that really stuck out with Revis was his inability to stop Bowe from picking up a first down on a huge, early 3rd and 8. How does Revis not make that play on third given where Alex Smith threw the ball? Solder Benched The Pats pulled Nate Solder out of the offensive line at one point in the second half. Yes, it had a lot to do with being smoked by Tamba Hali who, amazingly, wasn't offsides on this incredible strip sack of Brady.

Afterwards the Pats plugged Marcus Cannon in at left tackle, officially throwing the line into turmoil. Solder had previously been the only lineman to play every snap at one position. A Matter of Religion Practicing Muslim and Chiefs safety Husain Abdullah was penalized for excessive celebration after intercepting Brady his third pick!

Abdullah went down in a prayer-like motion and was flagged. It's against NFL rules for a player to celebrate on the ground: Players are prohibited from engaging in any celebrations while on the ground. Alec's Fan Notes from the Game I honestly think that the Patriots need to just pick some linemen and stick with it soon. I just can't help but think that five of the same crappy linemen out there consistently is better than five different crappy linemen swapping in and out all the time.

And in that time, I have written 12 of them. That means that the Patriots have only lost 12 times in my time here at Pats Pulpit - that's a pretty solid number. And usually, I never have a hard time coming up with five positives to take away from whenever the Patriots drop a game; after all, every team loses, and as long as you can build on those losses and get better week to week, everything should be fine.

He's over the hill! He's lost his swagger! We need to trade him and start fresh with Jimmy Garoppolo before Brady's trade stock plummets even more! Shut up, Hank. This has to be the most ridiculous thing you have ever said in all my years knowing you - and that includes when you wanted to bench Tommy B in favor of Brian Hoyer.

You were probably the kind of kid who begged for a pet hamster for months and then didn't want it anymore the first time it got out of its cage and pooped on your bed. You probably spent your allowance on Nintendo controllers to replace the ones you broke every time you couldn't beat a level on a new game immediately. How to fix the offense Tom Brady can't shoulder the load.

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The Night the Pats Dynasty Ended... (Patriots vs. Chiefs 2014, Week 4)

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World Record play1.sportsplay1xbet.website Night Football Chiefs vs. Patriots 9-29-14

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