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Between a rock and a hard place memes

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between a rock and a hard place memes

Being stuck between a rock and a hard place means that you are faced with two evenly matched hard, dangerous, unpleasant choices or situations. Stuck between a rock and a hard place - funny, stuck, rock, hard. Meme Guy photo. Find and save Between A Rock And A Hard Place Memes | describing a situation where you have to make a decision that you don't want to make. MALLABY MINING BITCOINS

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Farlex Dictionary of Idioms. I couldn't make up my mind. I was caught between a rock and a hard place. He had a dilemma on his hands. He was clearly between the devil and the deep blue sea. Between two equally difficult or unacceptable choices. For example, Trying to please both my boss and his supervisor puts me between a rock and a hard place.

The rock and hard place version is the newest of these synonymous phrases, dating from the early s, and alludes to being caught or crushed between two rocks. The oldest is Scylla and Charybdis, which in Homer's Odyssey signified a monster on a rock Scylla and a fatal whirlpool Charybdis , between which Odysseus had to sail through a narrow passage.

It was used figuratively by the Roman writer Virgil and many writers since. The devil in devil and deep blue sea, according to lexicographer Charles Earle Funk, referred to a seam around a ship's hull near the waterline, which, if a sailor was trying to caulk it in heavy seas, would cause him to fall overboard.

Maybe you are stuck choosing between two or even three options that you find less than alluring. Situations such as these can are considered being between a rock and a hard place. This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this expression. Meaning The phrase between a rock and a hard place means that a person has to deal with two or more less-than-ideal options. All available choices that have a negative result or a less positive outcome are also considered to be between a rock and a hard place.

The phrase is also used when there are two evil or negative decisions, but one must be chosen regardless of the outcome. The phrase is commonly used in regular life and in professional settings. Origin Decisions are a natural part of life, but sometimes, there are no good options available.

Between a rock and a hard place memes dogecoin script cloud mining cryptocurrency

Bailey Zimmerman - Rock and A Hard Place (1 HOUR/Lyrics)

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