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ethereum fomo3d

the Fomo3d-like game contracts, as well as that attack and defense methods applied. Finally, we summarize the existing Ethereum smart contract. Fomo3D is a blockchain game on the Ethereum network developed by Team Just. The application has about $12 million in ETH at stake. Welcome To The 3rd Dimension- #3DCrypto #UKCrypto #P3D #F3D #PoWH #FOMO #PoWH3D #FOMO3D #CryptoLife #crypto #cryptocurrecy #bitcoin #ethereum #blockchain. AWP SHOT SOUND CSGO BETTING

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After analyzing this, we basically ruled out the possibility of conspiring to mine. This unusual data made me judge that it must be tricky, and combined with the following series of data analysis, we confirmed: After purchasing the KEY, the 5 brother used a high amount of etheric cost and technical means to block the Ethereum for 3 minutes.

In turn, other players can not package the purchase of KEY, and thus won the final prize. The following is a real hammer and step analysis: First of all, we extracted a total of transactions in 12 blocks of Ethereum before the winning. After various dimensional analysis, we have the following findings: 1.

Among the many accounts with the most transactions, one has just established an open source contract account with less than 4 days. The account traded as many as 32 in just 3 minutes. We further dig deep into the discovery that the suspicious contract account was created by the hacker 5 brother almost three or four days ago.

In other words, after 5 brothers purchased the KEY, they used a smart contract to send a large number of transactions to Ethereum. At this point, although we are still not sure what the contract content is, we can basically conclude that 5 brothers have done their hands after buying the KEY. What specific hands and feet have been done, we need further analysis. We then counted the GAS consumption in the 12 blocks before the winning.

We found that the GAS consumed by the suspicious contract account created by the 5 brothers accounted for the vast majority of GAS consumption during this period. Especially in the last six blocks, in about one and a half minutes, the five brothers gave a high price of to GAS, which monopolized all the power of all Ethereum.

Other users can hardly perform any operations on Ethereum. Seven, hacker motives Here is a brief explanation of the principles of Ethereum and why hackers 5 want to do this. Above we said that Ethereum has a block every 14 seconds or so, and some transactions will be packaged in the block. The amount of computation that each block can perform is limited, typically around 8 million GAS. Transactions that exceed this limit will be postponed to subsequent blocks for trading.

For example, each block on the Ethereum is like a bucket. When a user submits a transaction request, it is like pouring water into a bucket. Once a bucket is filled with water, it can no longer process other transaction requests. Buckets generally prioritize transactions with high bids. So what 5 brothers are doing here is to give him a mining machine that has dug mines in the dozens of blocks after buying KEY from to , paying a lot of money, and letting them prioritize the transactions issued by 5 brothers.

Then the transactions issued by the 5 brothers accounted for too high resources, and almost all of the dozen blocks were occupied. Since no player can come in and compete with the hacker 5 brother, the 5 brother succeeded in keeping the countdown to the end of the countdown. Eight, the ins and outs Therefore, the context of the whole incident is basically clear: 1.

Hacker 5 brother purchased 1 KEY; 3. The hacker 5 brother sent a lot of spam to the smart contract created by himself with other wallet accounts, causing the Ethereum to be congested for 3 minutes; After 4 or 3 minutes, the hacker 5 brother successfully won the grand prize because no one bought the KEY. Of course, there are some interesting places in the whole incident and places that are not easy to understand. We discuss each one by one: 1. Is the hacker 5 brother manually operated?

Of course not, the hacker 5 brother wrote the script and the smart contract with the script in advance. In the whole process, 5 brother actually wrote 10 smart contracts, but the final success was the smart contract with the last number It seems that 5 brothers have also been optimizing. The road to success of the hacker 5 brother is not very smooth.

The hacker 5 brother built a wallet to win the grand prize 7 days ago, and then executed a 5 or 6-day script on FOMO 3D and last winner, in an attempt to compete for the final prize. But I have no success, but I have lost a lot of fees. Until 1 day ago, the hacker 5 brother took the opportunity to make a small change.

After purchasing the KEY from the original fccbf85 master account, he sent a command to the smart contract himself. The main account of the fccbf85 was only responsible for purchasing the KEY, and several other accounts were given. The contract sends a command.

Before the change After the change This change should greatly improve the efficiency, and the 5 brothers ushered in the FOMO 3D victory in almost 3 hours. The success of this time was not achieved once, but with the success of a little luck after nearly a thousand failures. Who is the hacker 5 brother? It should be a professional hacker in the blockchain field. We analyzed his wallet account, but unfortunately it is not certain who it is. The wallet of the hacker 5 brother has a total of 8 wallet addresses to be imported into Ethereum.

At the same time, the hacker 5 brother used nearly 20 different wallet addresses throughout the process for program running running scripts. These wallet addresses are basically unable to find other sources. Where did the earned money go? They are stored in the following two wallets: 0xbdd63aba20aefc35cbf9b Currently not transferred yet 5.

No one competes in the whole process? But unfortunately the GAS ceiling he set is too low, so the transaction is wrong. The player also lost 2. At other times, 5 brothers are still very strong. The transaction is packaged by the f2pool fish pond. Is there any suspect in the fish pond? After the above discussion, the key factor in the success of the hacker is to block more than a dozen blocks after the purchase of the KEY transaction. But users are incentivized to keep on buying, as the ETH deposited in the pyramid gets distributed across players and via a jackpot.

If the aforementioned timer hits zero, the last person to buy a key wins the jackpot. But now, an anonymous individual, who has been participating in the game for nine days, has access to over 10, ETH, a sum of life-changing money, to say the least.

While some would fear that this is just a claim, the individuals behind the project provided its near-cult following with an Etherscan block explorer link to the withdraw transaction, which shows an internal transaction of 10, ETH from FOMO3D to the unnamed individual. However, there were some controversies that arose in the final minutes of the round, as some claimed that an Ethereum miner was able to censor a block from going through, allowing the anonymous individual to exit scam scot-free.

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FOMO3D - Explained in 3 Minutes ( What is an exit scam ? ) ethereum fomo3d


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FOMO 3D 10,490 ETH WINNER!!!

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