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Poker odds calculator pre flop betting

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poker odds calculator pre flop betting

How To Use An Odds Calculator To Win More Money At Online Poker more educated (translation = MORE PROFITABLE) decision before the flop. Overview of the most common poker odds and probabilities, including preflop odds, outs and formulas to calculate winning chances. Pot Odds - 20 Basic Texas Hold'em Odds (Every Poker Player Should Know) of odds during every other stage of the hand, including pre-flop, the flop. FOREX 5K BALANCE

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Poker odds calculator pre flop betting ethereum metropolis mining


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POT ODDS \u0026 EQUITY In POKER [5 TIPS To Use Them At The Table]

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poker odds calculator pre flop betting


Of course, the equity calculator would not typically be used mid-hand, but frequent practice with equity calculators allows us to make more accurate estimates on the fly. Since we are not mid-hand right now, we can make use of an equity calculator to produce precise estimates.

In very close spots, the rake should also be considered. This scenario mostly applies to micro-stakes games. The above brief analysis teaches us some useful lessons. Calling a 5bet with AKo is a much closer decision than many players imagine.

In very close spots, rake should be considered, along with other variables such as the size of the 4bet and precise effective stacks. If our 4bet is smaller in the above example, we get a worse price facing the 5bet, which can sometimes be enough to shift our decision towards a fold.

So why do we still refer to preflop pot odds as a myth? Because the majority of preflop decisions are not all-in, meaning pot odds are not relevant. There are a variety of strategy resources out there linking preflop range construction to the pot-odds we are offered when facing an open-raise. Put simply, this is an incorrect application of maths. The pot-odds we get gives us little to no information about the expectation we will generate on a call.

It should, hopefully, be evident to the discerning player that a higher-accuracy approach is desirable. The answer is probably already at the back of our brains somewhere but may need a measure of coaxing. Think about the following postflop scenario: Example — bb effective. There is 7. Our opponent bets 6bb. If we make the call, there will be 91bb remaining in the effective stacks.

Best play in this scenario? Imagine that we are forced to choose between calling or folding, which is the best play? Regarding pot odds, we would be investing 6bb into a total pot of Does this mean the best play is to fold? Not at all! Folding would be ridiculous; hopefully, we intuitively realise that.

Our pot odds are not relevant here because there is a more important factor at work: our implied odds. Most players understand how implied odds pertain to preflop decisions, but often have a blind spot when it comes to reverse implied odds. Just as we can sometimes call without pot odds due to the promise of future expectation implied odds , we sometimes need to fold even when getting the odds, due to the threat of future losses reverse implied odds.

Every poker maths book out there walks through the maths governing implied odds, but hardly any discuss the maths associated with reverse implied odds. Think about it — when was the last time you performed a reverse implied odds calculation mid-hand? Example — bb effective stacks. SB folds and hero 3bets in the BB to 10bb.

Villain 4bets preflop to 19bb. Should we call or fold? So, we have a call, right? Many players would assume so, but the calculation in no way guarantees that calling will be profitable. Remember, we are not closing the action here, so a raw pot odds calculation does not give us the full picture.

To some extent, we can gauge this using logic. The chances of us losing additional chips even after we flop relatively well are high. We may even find ourselves getting stacked with a relatively high frequency. We are clearly risking more than just the 9bb we are calling preflop. For example, if we flop the best hand with a pair of Queens, then Villain must hold AK or JJ; neither likely candidates for us being able to get a big payout.

In summary, this is a classic reverse implied odds scenario. When translated that means we need more equity than our pot-odds might suggest for our call to be profitable. In the above situation, it likely makes sense to assume that our reverse implieds are detrimental enough to the point where folding is clearly incentivised. This is not to say that preflop pot odds should be ignored entirely when making non-all-in decisions.

For example, if you're holding AQ on a Q34 board you can still improve to two pair or trips if you hit on of the three Aces remaining in the deck or one of the two remaining Queens. How do we know if one of our opponents isn't holding one of those cards? Here are some common examples of drawing hands in no-limit hold 'em and the number of outs that they can hit to improve: Gutshot Straight Draw examples: JT on Q93, 57 on 69A etc.

Pot Odds are usually represented in the form of a ratio , 3. Pot odds are essentially the risk you have to take call to gain the reward size of the pot. We're getting 3 to 1 pot odds.

Poker odds calculator pre flop betting kino montabaur kapitall investing

CardsChat Poker Odds Calculator Tutorial

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