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Uniden dash cam dc4

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uniden dash cam dc4

Uniden DC4, p Full HD Dash Cam, in LCD, G-sensor with collision detection, loop recording, degree wide angle lens, Lane Departure Warning. Uniden Dc4 Dc4 Full Hd Dash Cam With Lane Departure Warning | Brand: UNIDEN | UPC: | Model: DC4. - The Uniden DC4 is a full P dash cam that has sound, you can adjust sound levels, has a microphone if you want to use it, has an emergency. WHAT IS WEB3 ETHEREUM

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Loop Recording — Cyclic recording enables the camera to automatically record over old footage; when the memory card is full of video data, the device will immediately and smoothly start writing over the old data, unless instructed otherwise. This occurs when your vehicle sustains an impact; when this happens, the camera will automatically protects the latest files, so they cannot be deleted.

You can feel safe in the knowledge that whatever the truth, you have proof. Dual Camera — Dual camera models have both a front and rear lens, enabling the camera to record both in front and behind. Some dual cameras models have two in-built lenses, while others have a two separate cameras, providing slightly better rear footage.

These separate dual cameras give you the ability to set up the secondary lens anywhere on the back windscreen for better vision also useful when reversing or parallel parking. They can also be set to initiate recording on start-up, making the management of the device extremely easy. Mega-pixels — A pixel is the smallest element within an image.

A megapixel is one million pixels. There is a vital relationship between resolution e. By and large in dash cams, the higher the number of megapixels, the wider the viewing capacity i. Night Vision — Night vision is the ability of the camera to adequately record clear footage at night with the use of infrared technology.

If you find yourself often driving in the dark fairly unavoidable in Northern Europe then this capability may be necessary. Screensaver — Similar to a computer, the screen saver function will turn the display off after a period of inactivity, predetermined by the user. The device will continue to record with the screen turned off; it is a power saving tool and important for drivers who may feel the screen could distract them while they are driving. Screen Display — Dash cams may or may not have a display screen to view footage.

Some of the smaller dash cams do not contain a screen and it is not necessary for your protection as you can still transfer the data to be viewed on a separate device. However, a screen display can be useful in the event of an accident as some devices can be removed from the vehicle and used to show other parties including the Police exactly what has occurred. Processor — The processor determines the performance of the central processing unit CPU of the camera.

While the processor is important, the quality of the complementary metal oxide semiconductor CMOS sensor and lens are equally vital. As a result different dash cams, with the same processor, can have a significant difference in picture quality. Lane Departure Warning System — In road-transport terminology, a lane departure warning system is a mechanism designed to warn a driver when the vehicle begins to move out of its lane unless a turn signal is on in that direction on freeways and arterial roads.

These systems are designed to minimize accidents by addressing the main causes of collisions: driver error, distractions and drowsiness. Download the firmware data file onto your Micro SD Card. Remove the Micro SD Card from the reader.

Power On the Vehicle. The install will automatically start. Page 8: Install The Dc4 Do not attempt to operate the camera while driving. If you need to access the DC4 to change settings, etc. Some state laws prohibit drivers from mounting anything on the windshield, or restrict mounting to specific areas of the windshield.

Page 9: Connect To Power 6. To remove the bracket from the windshield, release the suction cup, hold the camera securely, and lift the suction clamp. Press M to access the Menu system. System Configuration 2. Page Screen Description 4. Scroll to and press 5. Press M to leave that Menu page.

The 4 icons on the left side of the screen correspond to the 4 keys on the device see page 2. Recording Video Power Page 12 If set to On, automatic recording starts when Recording the engine turns on. Collision Adjust G-Sensor sensitivity. When the DC4 is Detection in normal recording mode, if a collision occurs at the minimum G-Sensor level set, then the DC4 begins recording and tags that recording as an emergency file.

Page Recording Basics Display firmware version. The Emergency folder only holds 10 emergency files, regardless of the file size.

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Uniden - IGO CAM 90 Series - Smart Dash Cam

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