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Books on rental property investing canada

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books on rental property investing canada

Best Overall: The Book on Rental Property Investing. The Book on Rental Property Investing ; Best for Beginners: How to Invest in Real Estate: The Ultimate. This book is a must-read for anyone serious about real estate investing! This creative method safely provides monthly cash flow and long-term financial freedom. 10 Best Real Estate Investing Books · 1. 15% off · 2. ONLINE BETTING AND GAMBLING AGE

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Books are one of the best resources when it comes to learning about real estate investing. Long-Distance Real Estate Investing by David Greene In this book , author, experienced investor, and real estate agent David Greene, teaches you how to invest in absolutely any market location. Greene will also teach you how to build a reliable and talented team that can finish a project without you being in the same location and how you can use technology to stay in the loop.

Turner not only discusses methods for creating wealth through real estate investing but also touches on why so many investors fail and how you can avoid these same pitfalls. The book is an easy read as Turner takes you step-by-step through the entire real estate investing process.

The book also focuses on what might be holding you back from starting and the myths that surround investing. The Millionaire Real Estate Investor is an honest and easy-to-read book that will encourage you to begin your own journey and help you utilize effective investing strategies. The book specifically addresses common issues landlords will have to contend with including collecting rents, evicting tenants, preparing leases, hiring a property manager and other staff, handling broken lease agreements, and how to keep up maintenance.

She is the co-founder of PowerZone Trading, a company that has provided programming, consulting, and strategy development services to active traders and investors since Learn about our editorial policies Updated September 22, We recommend the best products through an independent review process , and advertisers do not influence our picks.

We may receive compensation if you visit partners we recommend. Read our advertiser disclosure for more info. Rental real estate investing can be a rewarding way to diversify your portfolio, generate passive income, and build wealth. But it's not easy—or quick. Whether you're an experienced real estate investor or just starting out, education is an essential part of the process.

After all, the more knowledge you have, the easier it will be to develop the right skills, refine your strategy, and become profitable. And seeking advice from experts is a great way to learn. With so many real estate investing books, choosing the best ones can be difficult and time-consuming. So, we've done the hard work for you by evaluating dozens of books from respected industry experts.

Here are the 10 best books of to help you navigate your rental real estate journey—from finding properties and tenants to handling financing and taxes. Note that most of these books are available in print, e-book, and audio formats. The back-cover blurb boasts the book has "Every strategy, tool, tip, and technique you need to become a millionaire rental property investor!

This book covers all the topics you'd expect in enthusiastic fashion, including keys to rental property success, building your real estate team, analyzing rental properties, financing deals, the due diligence process, closing, managing your rentals, and exit strategies—including details about exchanges.

Turner also includes four sample plans to emphasize there are multiple ways to achieve your goals. Their book is an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand introduction to several popular investing strategies, including house flipping, wholesaling , short-term rentals, turnkey investing, BRRRR investing, and house hacking. It's an ideal starting point for beginners and explains how to invest even if you have a full-time job, no money, or bad credit.

It also offers tips for earning more at work or on the side , so you can invest more. The book has lots of stories taken from the authors' podcast. These are motivational, real-life tales that give readers an idea about what real estate investing is like—and that there's no one right way to go about it. According to the Investopedia Financial Review Board , the book "makes investing in real estate approachable and understandable for anyone new to real estate. Even experienced real estate investors could likely round out their knowledge with this quick and informative read.

Rather than offering a bird's eye view of real estate investing, McElroy's book focuses primarily on multi-family properties : identifying your market, setting target property parameters, evaluating potential investment opportunities, making offers, performing your due diligence, negotiating deals, and eventually maximizing the property's profit potential. Like many other real estate investing books, it discusses the importance of building your team, pointing out that one of the biggest rookie mistakes is trying to do everything yourself.

The recommended list of team members is daunting: According to the author, you'll need a business team an attorney and an account , a property search team real estate broker and property manager , an offer team attorney, lender, investors, and contractors , and "other" team members, including an insurance agent, income tax consultant, and surveyor.

Still, considering the book focuses on multi-family properties and larger deals, it makes sense that you'd need a big team to get the job done. Brandon Turner's book in its second edition covers multiple solutions, from the obvious to the lesser known, including FHA loans, home equity lines of credit HELOCs , partnerships, private money, hard money , seller financing, lease options, wholesaling, and syndication.

Of course, investors often use multiple types of financing, and the "Creative Combinations" chapter emphasizes that you can mix and match various approaches to fit your deal or property.

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5 Steps to Buy Your First Rental Property in Canada. Millionaire Strategy

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