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Crypto encyrpton modes

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crypto encyrpton modes

The ECB mode is deterministic, that is, if plaintext block P1, P2,, Pm are encrypted twice under the same key, the output ciphertext blocks will be the same. Symmetric encryption may have stream and block modes. Stream mode means each bit is independently encrypted in a “stream.” Block mode ciphers encrypt blocks of. Types of Encryption Methods: What We Hashed Out ; Symmetric Encryption, Asymmetric Encryption ; A single key is used to encrypt and decrypt data. NCAA HOCKEY BETTING ODDS

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Hence, if a probabilistic cryptosystem is CPA-secure the only information that a ciphertext leaks is the length of the encrypted message. This problem is solved by using a mode of operation which describes how to repeatedly apply DES or AES both encryption and decryption on plaintexts and ciphertexts with size larger than one block. The initialization vector adds randomness to the encryption, i. It's therefore important that the initialization vector is unique for every encryption but it doesn't need to be secret, because as you may see in the following they are added to the ciphertext after encryption.

In the mode of operation we present it's only the ECB and CBC modes which requires the last block padded before encryption if it's to short. The electronic codebook ECB mode corresponds to the naive use of the block cipher, i. The same method is used in decryption, i. Therefore, in ECB mode will the encryption of the same plaintext always result in the same ciphertext, which is a serious weakness if the plaintext space is small. Notice that only the encryption algorithm is used which makes it suitable for small devices with limited computer power such as chip cards etc.

It would be very difficult to build up a dictionary containing every possible ciphertext block, because the dictionary would very large far bigger than anything we could possibly store on any existing computer. However, if the data is highly repetitive or structured, then a relatively small dictionary might capture almost all of the blocks which are frequently used, so that a large proportion of messages can be decoded.

At he time of writing, an ordinary household PC would be capable of storing a billion dictionary entries without too much trouble. In some cases this could partially break ECB mode encryption. This means that the cipher text for a particular block depends not only on the block itself, but also on everything which went before. There is one remaining problem with this mode. What if two messages happen to start in exactly the same way for example they include an identical data header?

Then the initial ciphertext blocks will be identical, up until the first different plaintext block occurs. While the encryption hasn't necessarily been broken, it is certainly leaking some information which an attacker might find useful in some circumstances. The same IV must also be used to start off the decryption. This ensures that identical or initially similar messages are always coded differently because they start from a different point. The IV doesn't need to be secret.

It is only intended as an extra random factor to disrupt dictionary attacks and similar. A different IV should be used each time - it can be random, or simply an incrementing value.

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Modes of Operation - Computerphile crypto encyrpton modes

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