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3betting donks mathews

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3betting donks mathews

2) Skates 3-Betting Point (S3BP) - This is the effective stack depth at which The lead out/ donk bet A donk bet is a bet made from a player whos acting. I'm not really up on the latest theory (I remember once reading someone - Matthew Janda, I think? - making a case 3-betting suited kings pre-. For those of you that do not know, a donk bet is when a player leads out on a After a review of Part 1, he delves into polarized ranges, 3-betting. ITALY VS GERMANY EURO 2022 BETTING

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3betting donks mathews forex synergy zone indicator 3betting donks mathews


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3betting donks mathews forex pips explained

CardRunners Matthew Janda Live Sessions: $100NL 6-Max Zone Part 2, 03.13.15


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This Week at CardRunners 09.26.11

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