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Idiots guide to horse race betting terminology

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idiots guide to horse race betting terminology

The ultimate betting resource for your handicapping, experts, free picks and analysis. Bet online with the best betting in horse racing. Betting Terms · Win: Your one horse will take first place in the race, finishing in first position · Place: Your one horse will finish the race in second position. With any bet you place on a horse race you will be offered odds – sometimes referred to as prices – by the bookmaker. If the horse you are backing is 7/1 for. OFF-TRACK BETTING INDIANA

Exacta key An exacta bet using one horse the "key" to finish first in a race with multiple horses in second. A bettor can also key a horse finishing second with multiple horses in first. Trifecta Pick the top three finishers in a race in the exact order. The bettor wins only if the horses finish first, second and third in the exact order. Trifecta box Pick the top three finishers in a race in any order. The bettor wins if the horses finish first, second and third in any order.

The bettor can include more than three horses in a trifecta box. Trifecta key A trifecta bet using one horse the "key" to finish first in a race with multiple horses finishing second and third. A bettor can also key a horse to finish second or third. Superfecta Pick the top four finishers in a race in the exact order. The bettor wins only if the horses finish first, second, third and fourth in the exact order.

Superfecta box Pick the top four finishers in a race in any order of finish. The bettor wins if the horses finish first, second, third and fourth in any order. The bettor can include more than four horses in a superfecta box though the cost can be prohibitive.

Superfecta key A superfecta bet using one horse the "key" to finish first in a race with multiple horses finishing second, third and fourth. A bettor can also key a horse to finish second, third or fourth. Here's how it works: Bettor Bob begins by grouping every horse in each race into four tiers: A top horse or horses , B backup horses , C even deeper backup horses and X throwouts.

Many times Bob will have only a single A horse -- or just one A and one B horse -- and designate the other horses as Xs. Then, Bob constructs his wagers. First, he takes all of his A horses in each of the four legs of the Pick 4 and pairs them onto one ticket. As with the exacta and the trifecta, you can only win this wager if you correctly determine the order in which the horses will finish.

You can see how winning an exacta bet would be significantly harder than winning a straight bet to win, place or show. Winning a trifecta is even harder, and winning a superfecta is very hard. If you do win an exacta, trifecta, or superfecta however, the payout can be impressive.

It is also worth noting that as a beginner, you are more likely to make a simple error when placing a trifecta or superfecta than you are to make one while placing a straight bet. Think how easy it would be in the heat of the moment to get the order of two of the horses mixed around, and then end up losing when you should have won. This is why I recommend getting your feet wet with straight bets before you start filling out complicated trifecta bets. Daily Double If you are following a big horse racing festival like Cheltenham or Royal Ascot , there will typically be more than one race a day.

So if you guess that horse C will win race 1 and horse D will win race 2 and you are right both times, you will get a nice payout. The caveat of course is that you have to place your Daily Double wager before the first race takes place. But if you are quite confident about the outcome of two races, this may be a great opportunity to make money. Pick 3 or Pick 4 These are just variations on the Daily Double—just as a trifecta and superfecta are variations on an exacta bet.

Once again, the full wagers need to be placed in advance of all of the races. It does not ultimately matter where the horses place in the race—it only matters which one outperforms the other. So say that you are placing a Head-to-Head wager that horse A is going to beat horse B in a race.

If horse A beats horse B, you win. If horse B beats horse A, you lose. This is true whether the two horses place first and second in the race or they both finish last or anywhere in between. You can essentially ignore all the other horses running; they are irrelevant.

Only the two horses involved in the H2H bet matter. Box This is like an Across the Board bet, but an Across the Board bet is a wager on all possible combinations for a single horse. You now know the common types of horse racing bets which you will encounter when you are wagering online. Horse Racing Betting Systems Horse racing is no different from any other sport in that it is easy enough to place a bet, but not so easy to win one.

And winning bets consistently can be very hard. But if you want to actually become a profitable punter, that is exactly what you are going to have to do. So before you ever pace a bet on a horse to win or place in a race, you will need a system of some sort to help guide your analysis before the race.

Your bet needs to be an informed decision backed by a solid logical rationale. There are numerous horse racing betting systems which you can find for free online or which you can purchase for a fee. You also have the option of coming up with a system yourself. Following are a few extremely simple systems: Bet on the course specialist.

Some horses have a great deal of experience running on certain courses. They may even have won multiple times on the same track. It not only will have a greater knowledge of the track than its opponents, but it might enjoy the course and perform better as a result.

Wager against the short-priced favorite. If you find a short-priced favorite on a race, it may be that it is overvalued to win. If you simply back the second-named horse, you may be in great shape. Back the horse with the biggest weight concession.

This horse has the most substantial advantage in its class, so it may be a logical one to back. Choose the youngest handicapper. The youngest handicapper in a race tends to be undervalued simply because of a shortage of experience. If you spot one which showcases incredible ability on the track, you can get a great value on your wager. As you can see, these systems are incredibly simple. When you are new, they offer you a starting point to getting into betting on horse racing.

I strongly recommend however that you work on developing a personalized system which goes into much greater analytical depth. There is so much you can look at when you are conducting your analysis, both with the horse and with the trainer and the jockey. You also can take track conditions, weather, distance, class, form, and many other factors into account. The more comprehensive your analysis, the greater your understanding will be.

When you find a method which yields consistent results, combine it with smart money management and you can become a very profitable punter. Horse Racing Terminology Now that you know about the types of bets you can place on horse races as well as horse racing systems, it is helpful to learn some basic horse racing terminology. We will start with terms which apply specifically to the horses themselves.

Dam: The mother of a horse. Sire: The father of a horse. Maiden: Any horse which has yet to win its first race. Foal: A baby horse. Mare: A female horse age five or older. Stallion: A non-gelded male horse. Juvenile: A two-year old horse. Broodmare: A female horse kept for breeding purposes. Broodmare sire: The father of a broodmare. Stud: A male horse kept for breeding purposes. Gelding: A castrated male horse.

Yearling: A one-year old horse.

Idiots guide to horse race betting terminology bologna napoli betting expert football

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Terminology of Horse Racing: An Explained Guide September 9, Horse Racing Terms for Dummies: Glossary to Know There are few sports like horse racing, which means that it can often be daunting to newcomers to the sport when it comes to understanding the terminology used.

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Idiots guide to horse race betting terminology Ncaa championship game line
Masterforex login to my facebook The betting rules and types of bets vary depending on the racing track. Post Position This is the number assigned to the horse at the starting gate. No horse over the age of 18 has ever won a race. A reverse exacta can also be placed, which means that the selected horses can finish first and second in any order. No obstacles are involved with flat racing. Boxed Bet This type of bet means your selections can finish in any order. And if you want to earn some money check this website.
Wikipedia forex pairs symbols Some will be more proficient at preparing runners for specific courses and those that have won at a track before will know how to do so again. Only deposits via cards or Apple Pay will qualify. BD or brought down means that a horse was knocked down by another horse during a race. If you follow the right steps, betting on horse races can be extremely rewarding. Group 2 — Major international races but of slightly less importance than Group 1 races. What is Tote Betting?
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Countercurrent exchange takes place between Some odds will shorten as the race approaches, others will lengthen. For example, you may hear the commentator say that a horse has broken well if they get off to a fast start. What is a Score, Pony, Ton or Monkey? F means that a horse fell during a race. So, how do click work in horse racing?
Better place lab freiwilliges engagement announcements Homestretch The homestretch is the final straight section of the race, as the contest heats up as the contenders get closer to the winning line. Chalk Chalk is a term used to define a bettor that constantly places their wagers on the favorite. Stalkers Stalkers are a different style of racing. Any 0 means that the horse didn't finish in the top 9 places. Cash Out is a widely available betting feature which allows you to take a payout before the completion of a bet, based on the current performance of that market.

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idiots guide to horse race betting terminology

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