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Thompson center 22 classic value investing

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thompson center 22 classic value investing

Thompson Center makes a clone of the Ruger 10/22 and it is better than the 10/ It is feature packed at a reasonable price of just $ Thompson/Center Arms was an American firearms company based in Springfield, Massachusetts. The company was best known for its line of interchangeable-barrel. The Encore rifle is a full size single shot rifle with a break open design for fast and easy loading and it boasts easily interchangeable barrels as well. With. CRYPTOCURRENCY MINING STANFORD

Following the success of our tactical rifle stocks and competition stocks, our hunting rifle stock designs are cutting edge, they are often copied but never duplicated. The ultimate goals in the development of the EH series was to build a stock that is as light as possible but still maintains the ruggedness, stability, accuracy and ergonomics of the rest of our lineup … Read more about our hunting stocks A great amount of work went into developing our tactical series stocks.

They were designed with these ultimate goals in mind; ruggedness, stability, accuracy, and ergonomics. MCS tactical stocks are engineered for the correct stiffness-to-weight ratio using state-of-the-art processes during manufacturing … Read more about our tactical stocks Manners Composite Stocks continues to dominate competitive shooting.

The raised shadow-line cheek piece is designed to help position your head for modern-style optics while still maintaining a straight comb. This shadow-line cheek flows elegantly into the lines-per-inch checkered grip area with the same perfect show lines as the fore end. The EH6A has a very compact, rounded bottom, a more traditional straight grip and a high cheek to get your head up for the larger objective scopes.

This hunting stock features a high tang area that matches the profile of the Tikka. The area under the action is designed for a perfect fit for either the factory hunting detachable magazine or the factory CTR detachable system in all factory offered cartridges.

The average weight of this stock is ounces depending on inlet and options. A compact platform and a quickly deployable butt system make it the perfect stowable truck gun. Round-end cuts on both sides and top of the receiver reduce weight and also give the rifle a racy look. The rifle comes with two single-slot Weaver-style scope bases secured to the receiver with Torx screws.

Specs call for a pull between three and four pounds. The pull on mine was two pounds, 12 ounces and nicely consistent, with zero creep or overtravel. The lever features a relatively broad, serrated square at the top, and the throw is fairly short.

The Generation II trigger is excellent. Short-action cartridges get a inch barrel, and long actions get a inch barrel. A plastic thread cap is provided. With an even-numbered lands-and-grooves design, lands are opposite lands and can squeeze the bullet into the grooves, causing deformation.

Recommended Advertisement Further, 5R lands are slanted, not at 90 degrees to the bore as in conventional rifling. This makes the bore easier to keep free of copper or other deposits. When I received the rifle, I examined the barrel with a Hawkeye borescope. There was a tiny bit of copper fouling ahead of the chamber, likely from test firing.

During zeroing and testing, I fired 60 rounds, with a bare-bones cleaning between test loads. This was followed by another 60 rounds of position firing, with only a hasty cleaning once I was finished for the day. The bolt handle is on the small side, and it would clear any scope easily.

The two-position safety does not lock the bolt. The barreled action is free-floated in an injection-molded polymer stock with aluminum bedding pillars, and the recoil lug is washer style. The fore-end features a series of molded-in X-shaped cross braces that provide the stiffness often lacking in synthetic stocks while keeping weight down.

There is no bottom metal. Instead, the trigger guard is molded into the stock as one piece, and the three-round single-stack magazine simply snaps into the magazine well cutout in the belly of the stock. The stock has a straight comb, which I found to be on the narrow side. Typically when I accuracy-test rifles with straight stocks, I add a strap-on cheekpiece to get my head position right, and I feared once I took off the cheekpiece to shoot the gun from field positions—which I did because I expect few buyers would use a strap-on cheek pad—the stock would be uncomfortable against my cheekbone.

As you can see from the accompanying accuracy chart, the Venture II is capable of excellent accuracy. Frankly, with its great trigger, 5R rifling and relatively rigid stock, I expected it to be.

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